I love a good series, as some of you may know.  However, I often stumbled upon a book who was part of one but not necessarily the first one of the bunch.  Finding a comprehensive overall look at the series and it's characters proves to be tricky in some cases, impossible in other.

So here is the overall description of the stories you will find in the Play-by-Play series.  For a more thorough review of them, please see my other posts!


In the first 5 instalments of the Play-by-Play series, you will be introduce to the Riley family.  Now there's a big, loud and loving family, the kind you wish you'd be born in.  And they are all into sports.  The males are all playing in one pro sports team or another (Football, Hockey, Baseball) and the ladies are connected to the sport environment as an agent, an image consultant or a therapist, or through the family sport's bar.

The first 3 books are about 3 siblings - Mick, Gavin and Jenna  The other 2 are based on their cousins, Cole and Alicia.  So here they are:

Mick and Tara
The series opens up with Mick Riley, a professional football player.  He has it all: fame, fortune and fans.  Lots of fans.  And lady fans, if you get my drift.  In comes Tara Lincoln, event planner extraordinaire.  You could also look her up in the dictionary under "girl next door".  She is single mom who had her heart shattered in the past and will give Mick a run for his money.  We will get to meet Mick's agent as well, as a secondary character.  We will know more about Liz in the second instalment of Play-By-Play.

Gavin and Liz
Liz has made a seriously wrong move trying to butt in on Mick and Tara's relation.  As a result, she loses Mick as a client and risks loosing her brother Gavin as well.  she will have to work really hard to make sure he stays on as her client.  She will have to woo him.  It might not be a problem if she wasn't already half in live with the man and risking loosing her hart in the process.  Gavin has the hots for his agent and is all for Liz showing how much she wants him to stay on.  But when love gets in the picture, all bets are off.

Jenna and Ty
This is Jenna's story, Gavin and Mick's little sister.  She manages the family sports bar almost all by herself after her father's heart attack.  Between her 2 brothers and the bar, she is really fed up with everything related to sports.  She is ready for a change and will try to find it in her personal life as much as possible.  Enters Ty Anderson, pro hockey superstar.  Ty is not use to women giving him the cold shoulder, especially not one as hot as Jenna.  Admittedly, at first glance, she is not his type...At all!  But the feisty bartender is more than a little intriguing - and Ty has never stopped in face of a challenge.

Cole and Savannah 
Cole is a football superstar with a hot head.  The press loves to hate him and he often makes the first page of the gossip column - all for the wrong reasons.  Needless to say, his position with the team is in jeopardy; he will have to prove he can stay out of the press and clean his image if he wants to stay on.  In comes Savannah, his new image consultant.  Southern Belle through and through, she will have a hard time taking on this particular client, for sure!  Sparks are flying, watch out!

Alicia and Garrett
Garrett is a pitcher with a bummed shoulder who resists physical therapy and is convinced he will never play again.  Alicia is a junior sports therapist who will tell him like it is.  Which is exactly what Garrett needed to hear.  As a result of her big mouth, she will be put in charge of his recovery.  They both have a lot to loose if it doesn't work, especially somewhere in the region of their hearts.

In the fifth book, we will meet Garrett's roommates from his College days.  They all turned out to by professional athletes and we will leave the Riley family alone to know more about them!  The sixth book should come out in June and features race car driver Gray Preston!

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