So I'm back once again with Lora Leigh.  It had been a while since I had lost myself in one of the Temping Seals' adventure when I accidentally clicked (yes, I do read on my tablet!) on Ian's story.  Fiou!  Cold shower ahead - And still Oh! So good, even after a couple (dozen) times

But before going ahead with my review, I have decided to do the same thing with the Temping Seals as I did with the Elite Ops, and list the books in their order of appearance.  The background picture of the whole series is based on Diego Fuentes' drug cartel and it's impact on the different characters of the books; DEA agent, kidnapped heroin rescued, son of the drug lord or victim of it...It all ties back one way or the other to it. Here are the stories in order:
1. "Reno's Chance" Featuring Raven and Reno
Originally part of the "Honk If You Love Real Men" anthology, "Reno's Chance" can also be found as a stand alone book.  It's a hot one, and gives you a glimpse of what's to expect in the other instalments of the series - Hot Alpha Male ready to claim their woman.  A little less action and a little more "romance" (read - hot encounters). It introduces Reno, the yummy alpha male seal, and Raven, Clint's sister (whom we will meet in the next book).  It's a short story that will set the tone and built the baseline of the whole series.

2. "Dangerous Games" Featuring Clint and Morganna
It's a tie for first place between "Dangerous Games" and "Killer Secrets", in my humble opinion. Love the story of Clint and Morganna.  She's Reno's sister and he's Raven's brother. The boys are brother in arms sisters are best friends.  Solid ties and hot HOT story.

3. "For Maggie's Sake" Featuring Joe and Maggie
Once again part of an anthology, "Real Men Do It Better", this story is somewhat related to the series although very loosely. Joe is not an actual Navy Seal but an ex one now working for the DEA.  It ties in well with the other one but it's the kind of story who would not be missed if it wasn't part of the series.  Good short story, mind you.  Review to follow.

4. "Hidden Agenda" Featuring Kell and Emily
He's known her half her life and saved her from a kidnapping; she's been in love with him for the longest time and now she has decided to act on it.  Not an easy feat for ether of them to let the past and all that stands between them go...Or is it?

5. "Killer Secrest" Featuring Ian and Kira
What can I say?  I have read it over and over again.  I want to be her and be taken by him.  He's the son of the Diego Fuentes and will do anything in his power to spare the life of his friends...Even if it means becoming a Drug Lord himself.  Or is it just a cover?  Kira knows.  She knows him, her soul recognizing his.  Will love conquer all?  (If not love, surely lust will!)

6. "Atlanta Heat" Featuring Mason and Emerson
Yet another short story part of the "Rescue Me" anthology.  I love Mason.  We got to meet him in different instalments of the series and his story is just yummy.  But like I said: short story.  You know my feelings about them.  It's a love/hate relationship.

There you go!  Just to let you know that Tempting Seals will tie in nicely with Elite Ops series.  Lora Leigh at it's best, really.  Stay tuned for the individual reviews of the tempting Seals' adventures! 

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