"Logan and Lauren" is a stand alone short story that doesn't have any cliffhangers!! It's the perfect length before bed or while waiting at an appointment. BUT IT IS SHORT !!!

When Logan Crenshaw comes home from work one day and finds out his wife is keeping a secret from him, he goes a little crazy. So he steals her off to the Caribbean where he finally figures out what's been troubling her. But unfortunately, not before he loses his cool and goes completely territorial.


Logan tightened his hands in Lauren's hair and her eyes flew open. He could see it clearly, her arousal, the drugged look that had always fascinated him so much. He encircled her wrist, and locked it behind her back in a swift move that imprisoned her. "You like that, baby?"

"Yes." Her eyelids fluttered; he knew that she was barely able to hold them open.

He rewarded her answer, stroking into her, in and out, and in again. He stayed there, deep within her, and when her eyes closed completely, he dropped his lips to her ear and sank his teeth around her lobe. "You're mine," he said in an uncontrollable hiss. "That hasn't changed." He took another slamming stroke and then stilled inside of her again. "That will never change." He bit down on her flesh. "You understand me? Never."

How can ANYONE fit that much intensity and emotions in a short story?  Well, Lynda Chance has done it. Again!

I love, love, LOVE that book.  The story is compelling, sexy, well written (obviously) and just intense!  I will surely read it over and over again.

No one writes alpha males better than Mrs. Chance, for sure.  Logan is no exception.  He is strong, sexy, sure of himself and madly in love with his wife.  Sure, he is possessive but I will admit that’s a trade I find oh! So sexy.  No need to spoil all the fun but I will say that the love scenes will get your blood pumping.

Ok.  You may say I’m an unconditional fan of Mrs. Chance and you will be right.  Her name on the book is enough guaranty for me to buy it and I was never proven wrong.  Some titles are better than other but the emotions, the characters, the plot and the writing all together only gets better with every book!


Type: Contemporary romance
Keyword: sexy, alpha male
Intimacy: Hot (with a capital H)

5 stars – hard feet to accomplish for a short story.

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