Jaci Burton - Nothing Personal

Ryan McKay needs a wife to fulfill the terms of his grandfather's will and remain CEO of his multimillion dollar business.  When his fiance slams the door a few hours short of the deadline, Faith, his trusted assistant, steps in.  Faith has been in love with Ryan from afar since the day she came to work for him.  She think she is plain and doesn't think she could ever be more.  Family members stand to gain from the inability of the pair to remain together and meet all the requirements of the will and will stop at nothing to make sure it falls apart.  Will they be able to stay together through thick and thin?

It's a classic Cinderella love story, written on a frame we have seen before.  Dare I say, Harlequin style?  The situation, him being cold, her being insecure, the emotional discovery for both of them, the betrayal, the misunderstanding, the reveal of their true emotion, the end.
It seems very cold explained this way but in reality, if you are into that king of romance novel, it is very well written.  It comes complete with the oh-so-present and loved makeover.
This book doesn't contain detailed sexual encounter but there is some seduction attempt!  Very vanilla throughout, it reminded me of my teenage years when I discovered what romance novels were!

Type: Classic Harlequin Romance
Key Word: Cinderella Story
Intimacy: Some Romance, no graphic love scenes

I gave it 4 stars because it's a good vanilla love story, well written and enjoyable.  It caters to a particular audience who loves a more tame type of romance story, Happily Ever After style!

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