Praise for Lora Leigh

I thought I would start my blog by talking about my favourite Romantica author, Lora Leigh. Actually, I shouldn't categorize what this amazing author does; whether it's mainstream, erotica or just plain romance, she just knows how to capture your attention with the right amount of emotional connection, romance and sensuality...oh! and of course, hot, sweaty and sinfully sexy love scenes.

Mrs. Leigh knows the right balance in the ever present battle of wills, between her main characters; you can always be sure to find the alpha male at it's best and the lady who will stand up to him. To tell you the truth, not to find these elements in her books would be a huge disappointment. Every time I sit down and turn the first page, I know I'm in for a great time.

Although her "Breeds" series is really great, I must say my all time favourite characters would have to be the man of the "Elite Ops". I love the way the characters are linked to the "Temping Seals", giving a second breath and a sense of continuity to her great leading men.

Here is a chronology of the "Elite Ops". Please note that even if I recommend to read them in the order they have been published, they can as easily be read on their own.

1. "Wild Card" - The story of Noah Blake, formerly known as U.S. Navy Seal, Nathan Malone. In "Tempting Seals", Nathan Malone was taken hostage but a powerful drug lord during a mission to save a US Senator's daughter. He comes back as Noah Blake, now an Elite Ops operative.

2. "Maverick" - The story of Micah Sloane, formerly Israeli Mossad agent, bent on revenge and caught in a web of emotional entanglement he must deal with, in order to save the woman that captured his heart.

3. "Heat Seeker"- The story of John Vincent, formerly known as Australian Secret Intelligence Trent Daylen. He has a second chance with the last woman he shared his bed with and the only woman he's ever loved. But as an ex-CIA agent herself, she's too clever for her own good; Will love win over 6 years of hurt and sorrow?

4. "Black Jack" - The story of Travis Caine, formerly known as MI-5 agent Travis Dermont. A little harder to follow, as it introduces the female of the "Elite Ops two, another branch of the super-secret agency. In my opinion, this book has to be read twice in order to fully assimilate all the twists and turns of the great plot laid page after page. One thing I must say, though: It lays the grounds of what promise to be a great new wave of stories.

As for the last of her man, Nikolai Steele, i'm impatiently waiting for August 31st 2010, as his "Renegade" will reveal himself...

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