His Indecent Proposal by Lynda Chance

I'm the type of person who will read everything I can get my hands on from a particular author  after reading just one book that caught my attention...And kept it until the end.  Lynda Chance is one of them.

I will start by my review of "His Indecent Proposal" first.

First of all, here are my categories:

Type: Moderne
Key Words: Alpha-Male, Possessive Hero
Intimacy: Good and lots of it

If you like the whole "I need to get a wife at all costs" scenario, this book is for you.  It has a very modern twist to it but when it comes down to the basic, it's a man who will use this excuse to get the woman he is lusting after for a long time.

I really enjoy Lynda chance's style.  You would swear the F* word is in the dictionary she has on her desk and I could do with a few less of them but all in all, the writing is intricate and will make you connect with the characters instead of keeping you on the outside.

The love scenes are intense on will make you crave a good alpha-male by your side.

The only thing I can say is that Mrs Chance gets better with every book she writes.  "His Indecent Proposal" being one of the first (I presume), it could have used a little more emotional depth.  As it stands, it doesn't ring incomplete but you feel like you just barely scratched the surface of the characters.

When the first thing I do when closing a book is to go look for another one from the same author, it speaks for itself.  I give it a good 3.75!

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